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LIFT FOR THE 22 IS A NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION DEDICATED TO SUPPORTING VETERANS AND THEIR FAMILIES POST-MILITARY SERVICE THROUGH PEER-TO-PEER SUPPORT, SPORTS RECREATION, WELLNESS, PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS AND ADVOCACY. Lift for the 22 offers Connects veterans to Personal Training, discounted Fitness classes, and Gym memberships based on Service-Connected Disability to military members and families. Schedule your consult today!

1-414 -261-LIFT (5438)

If you are experiencing mental health crises, please dial (9-8-8)


We are a 501c3 non-membership-based organization open to the public with mission to serve the community. 


Lifts' vision is to reconnect veterans and their families through health, wellness, and community engagement. We believe building a solid community and practicing an active and healthy lifestyle is the key to long-term success post military service, and can contribute to over mental health and wellness of our service members.

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