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Crossfit-Wednesday, 3/8/23

Warm-up (2 rounds)

10 down and up pvc/EBB

10 sn. grip hi pull from hi hang/from knee

10 mus snatch from hi hang/from knee

10pvc/EBB snatch drop

10 pow snatch from hi hang/from knee

Strength-Hang Power Snatch


Sets 1-5: 1 rep/minute @75%

Sets 6-10: 1 rep/minute @80%

Sets 11-15 1 rep/minute @85%**

**if no misses for the 1st 10 reps, build to a



For time (20:00 cap)




100air squats

FUN FACT: Many of the named Crossfit WODs are named after severe storms

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