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Katurday 4.29


*hiit can run 100 or 200 m for entire duration (don't need to increase)

*hiit can also cut reps in half

*45 min cap.. if you finish start at the top

100 m run

10 muscle ups/burpee pull ups/burpee to target

200 m run

20 handstand push ups HIIT-push ups

300 m run

30 goblet squats (50/35)

400 m run

40 KB sumo high pulls

500 m run

50 kettle bell swings

600 m run

60 calorie row

700 m run

70 sit ups

800 m run

80 burpees

900 m run

90 air squats

1000 m run

100 double unders (2:1 singles)


Buy in

Pond lap (together)

Then 3 Rounds (shared reps as desired)

22 deadlifts (185/125)

22 GHD or atomic sit ups

22 pull ups

22 hang cleans (135/95)

22 bar facing burpees

22 handstand push ups

22 front squats (135/95)

22 box jumps

Cash out

Pond lap (together)

Boot camp

3, 10 min AMRAPS and a finisher

1 min break between each


3 renagade row with push up

6 dumbbell thrusters

9 burpees

12 dumbbell bent over rows


*Start with 4 reps of each movement and add two each round

-kettle bell swings

-goblet squats


-calorie bike or row


5 dumbbell shoulder to overhead

10 kettle bell high pulls

15 step ups or box jumps

100 m run

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