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In honor of the Crossfit Open, we are now announcing our second WOD for our upcoming LIFTAMANIA competition.

WOD 2: The Excellence of Execution

Each team member is responsible for completing their heaviest complex of: Clean->Hang Clean->Shoulder to overhead. Squat cleans or power cleans are permitted. Strict Press, push press, push jerk or split jerk are all permitted for the shoulder to overhead portion of the complex. The bar must be locked out overhead as determined by the respective judge before it is considered a valid turn. Total weight of the highest successful lift of each will determine final score. Only one team member can work at a time. Team members are permitted to help load and unload weight on the bars. Each team member will get 3 attempts at the complex.

WOD 1: - The Stylin' and Profilin', Limosine Ridin', Jef flyin, Kiss Stealin', (woo) Wheelin' Dealin' Son of a Gun- For Time, (15 min cap)

75 Wall Balls to target*

40 Burpee Box Overs**

3 rope climbs (each)***

40 Burpee Box overs

75 Wall Balls to target

*Team member A accumulates reps while the B and C simultaneously hang from a pull up bar and hold a plate overhead (this combination can be switched out at any time). If either teammate either drops from the bar or lets the plate drop from overhead, A must wait for both B and C before they can accumulate more reps. The wall balls can be divided however the team sees fit but all 3 are working at the same time at all times.

**Only one team member works at a time. These can be divided up however the team chooses. Athletes must tag in and out of each turn.

***After an athlete successfully completes their rope climbs, they must tag in their teammate.

RX: Wall ball weight=20/14, 10' target. 45#/35# plate. Box height=30"/24". Burpee Step-overs are not permitted.

Intermediate: Wall ball weight=20/14, 10' Target. 45#/35# plate. Box height=24"/20". Burpee Step-Overs are not permitted.

Scaled: Wall Ball weight=14/10, 10' target. 35#/25# plate. Box height=20". Burpee step overs are substituted for Burpee box overs. 5 King kong pulls are substituted for rope climbs.


We are pleased to announce Lift's first ever competition: Liftamania 2023! The event will take place on Saturday, May 13th 2023.

This will be a Crossfit style competition with teams of 3 (Female/Female/Male) across three divisions (RX, Intermediate, and Scaled). There will be prize packs for the top 3 teams of each division in addition to a cash prize for the winners of the RX division.

We will be announcing the workouts for the event gradually as it draws near. This event is open to the public but we hope to see as many our Lift family participants as possible. As of now, registration will be limited to 32 teams.

For all the details

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