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Meet John

Executive Vice President & Director of Ops Lift for the inc.

John Matter served as a sniper for several elite counter terrorism units for over 14 years. John has operated in over 100 Uncompromised missions in countries including. Somalia, Yemen, Korsavo, Macedonia, Afghanistan and Iraq. He is a decorated warrior earning awards for displaying valor in combat. He also received 3 Purple Heart medals in his 9+ combat deployments. Because of wounds received in combat John was forced to retire ,but still works tirelessly to improve the lives of combat veterans and to train Police officers, military personnel and civilians on how to properly protect themselves in high stress situations.

Welcome John!

father of four 

• coach youth Baseball, Football, Wrestling 

• volunteer and speaker for several military non profits including American Legion, the Homeless Veterans Initiative. And Sierra Delta Service Dogs,

• Retired professional MMA fighter. Black belt in American Kickboxing. Black belt in Kempo , Brown belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 

• Blue Water Security Solutions. Responsible for the development and training of Police and foreign military non typical warfare. ( SWAT and Counter terrorism) 

• Teaches situational awareness and self defense classes ( developed Girl Scouts of America’s self defense program) 

• Developed and teaches active shooter programs (CRAVE) to schools and businesses

• Co founder of First Responders Survivors Fund 501.c3

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