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New CrossFit Training Cycle!

A few notes for this new cycle from Coach Ryan.

The strength work for the next nine weeks will be based of Jim Wendlers 5-3-1 program. The percentatges for lifts are generally based off a persons 90% of their 1RM. This is to avoid plateauing too soon and to ensure athletes are using realistic numbers for the cycle.

The metcons, to an extent will be working similar movement patterns to the strength. In a way, we're doing a big version of 5-3-1 but with the 5x10 sets roughly being incorporated into metcons and with some of that fun CrossFit randomness thrown in.

Wednesday, typically a rest day for the program, will be used as a skill day for (mostly) the olympic lifts and their variations. Normally Wendler programs in a deload week every 4 weeks. I've opted not to do this for two reasons. First beginners at the gym dont initially work hard enough on Wendlers program to merit a deload week and doing so arguably stunts their progress and secondly, people take vacations, are out sick, etc. Life gets in the way and makes its own deloads. So...instead, after each 3 week cycle we'll do a volume week at lower intensities. It will still be tough (remember those sets of 10 on the big lifts during the LSU cycle?)- like that but only for one week before dropping back down to 5s.

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