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Updated: Jan 22

Lift for the 22 was founded in the small town of Beaverton, Oregon, by a Navy Veteran, Carter Davis.

After being medically discharged from a distinguished career in the United States Navy, Carter Davis found himself facing the same challenges that so many experience upon separating from service.

After approximtly a year, Lift For The 22 was in full motion as the suicide epidemic rose in the United States. It was at this time, while visiting a car show in Oregon Carter met Dennis Wright a Marine Veteran who understood the mission, and desperately wanted to do his part to enhance the quality of life and transition of military veterans. Dennis brought many skills to the table assisting Carter in day to day operations that would eventually push Lift For The 22 nation wide. Dennis would go on to be the final Co-Founder and COO of official 501(c)(3) organization, Lift For The 22.

Since then, the goal and objective here at Lift For The 22 has not wavered. We continue to strive to ensure that no veteran will ever have to walk a dark path alone. With your help, we can end this epidemic and help our nation's heroes transition to civilian life peacefully. 

For the next 2 years Lift for the 22 would grow exponentially and partnered with over 500 gyms nationwide to provide gym memberships for veterans.

In March of 2018 Lift For The 22 would go on to partner with another valuable member committed to the mission, Army Veteran Dan Newberry. Upon exiting the service Dan found himself struggling with PTSD, depression, and Suicidal thoughts witch ultimately led him to hitting rock bottom in July of 2015. Dan then turned to the Milwaukee VA for help. As things started to get better, in December of 2015 Dan’s brother took his life. Since these tragic events Dan has become an advocate for those struggling with mental health issues. 

Dan founded 22fitness a free fitness class that hosts community fundraising workouts for veteran nonprofits across the country. The concept of the class was to help encourage veterans to continue exercising post military service.

With both parties realizing they were on the same mission, and lift for the 22 going through a transition. The 2 organizations merged in December of 2018 and embarked on a national tour connecting Veterans to gyms within their communities.

In December of 2018 Carter decided to step down as executive director to focus on his education and spend time with family. Wade decided to do the same. Both members contributed immensely to the evolution and successful attainment of many goals over the years that empowered

Carter appointed Dan Newberry as the Executive Director off Lift For The 22 at the end of 2018. In 2019 Dan least a successful Awareness Tour, that culminated in a charity boxing match that raised over $10000.

With new leadership comes new visions for 2020, unfortunately this haulted the momentum for Lift. Lift for the 22 would maintain current memberships for veterans and and was able to successfully award fitness grants to several veterans in the area.

In early 2021 Dan Newberry and long time friend Jacob Anderson sat down armed with 3 yrs of research within the fitness industry, its relationship with the military community and its mental health benefits not just in the veteran community but the community abroad.

In early 2022 discussions began between the long time Partner and supporter of Lift for the 22 , the owners group of Fuel Fitness. This ultimately led to the successful acquisition and and launching of its first of its kind (VFOC) Veterans Fitness Outreach Center Lift for the 22's LFT MKE.

Our vision is to have LFT locations all over the country that are class based fitness programs offered to the community with built in training and employment opertunities, and resources readily available to veterans and their families to aid in transition and help midgate the risk of post service suicide.

Dan Newberry, CEO, stated. "We aim to be strategic partner with legacy organizations such as the American Legions and VFW's". Our goal is to work with all Veteran Servicing Organizations, and be the go to health and wellness partner."


Battle Buddy Peer Support:

Anyone can be a battle buddy! Invite a veteran to accompany you to any LFT MKE class offering. A little encouragement and accountability helps! all veterans can utilize our facilities absolutely free under the "JUST LIFT" Program.


Employment Support:

Our Coaches act as mentors and aids veterans in becoming fitness industry professionals. Lift For the 22 covers the cost of the NASM accreditation program for Veterans and Military Families.


Entrepreneurship Support:

Once the veteran or family member completes their fitness certification course, we offer entrepreneurship support by aiding them in building their health and wellness brand by granting up to $1000 in start-up capital and helping them in acquiring additional Resources.

Additional Outreach:

Veterans National Fitness Grant: 4 grants a year, four veterans and their families get a one-year membership to any fitness, recreational, or wellness facility of their choice up to $2500 per family.

Supporting employment for individuals with disabilities in partnership with Goodwill community supported employment.

Youth Fitness Programs

Special Community Outreach Events.


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