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Sending our love and offering a helping hand to Lisa.

Hello everyone. If you have a moment, please take a minute to read this message from one of our LIFT family members Lisa Kilgas and consider lending a helping hand. Thank you.

Hi there, As you may know, I’ve been going some challenges this year. In the fall, I was diagnosed with leukemia for a 4th time and started treatment in January. Unfortunately the cancer has also spread into my spinal fluid which is proving much more difficult to treat right now. I’ve been going through some intense treatment the last 6 months to try to get everything under control and could still have close to a year of active treatment remaining. I’m extremely grateful for all of the support I’ve received these past several months and offers to help however possible. The amount of support I’ve received from everyone has been amazing and I wouldn’t be able to get through this without everyone’s support and encouragement daily. The family I've found at LFTMKE has kept me going in ways I can't even explain these last few months. Being able to come here and just be with each of you on some of the hard days knowing I can count on hugs, smiles, and more compassion than I could ever imagine has been the brightest spot in some of my darkest days during this latest fight. Thank you for giving me a safe place to always come and be with each of you when I've needed it most. During my last battle with this monster of a cancer, I designed some t-shirts and have decided to get them re-printed again. I tend to wear mine on days when the fight feels really hard as a reminder that while I may have to handle the physical part of the fight alone that I do have a bunch of people standing behind me ready to help and support me as well. I have put the link below if anyone would like to order one, there are several different item and color options available. The link will be open through 6/20. Thanks, Lisa Kilgas

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